Startup Fundraising

A curated directory of resources, articles, podcasts, books, VC's, and angel investors to follow that will help you raise funding for your startup or business.

Advice for Raising Venture Capital

The Babe Ruth Effect in Venture Capital

In this article Andreessen Horowitz venture partner Chris Dixon talks about how VC returns are extremely skewed and follow a power law. The ideas discussed in this article are important to keep in mind when raising money for your company.

How Much Money to Raise

In this article, venture capitalist Fred Wilson gives startup founders advice about how much money they should raise each time they set out to raise funding.

How to Convince Investors

In this article Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham talks about how founders need to convince investors to fund their startup with a strong product, successful growth, large market size, and other factors instead of an amazing pitch.

A Fundraising Survival Guide

To Paul Graham, a co-founder of Y Combinator, fundraising is the second hardest part of running a startup. In this article, he lays out nine guiding principles you can use to have more success when it comes to startup fundraising.

How to Fund a Startup

In this classic article Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham teaches startup founders about different ways they can fund their startups such as the friends and family round, consulting, angel investors, seed funding firms, VC funds, and more.

How to Raise Money

In this article Y Combinator founder Paul Graham teaches startup founders how to raise a few hundred thousand dollars to a few million dollars that will help them build their companies. You’ll learn how to be in fundraising mode, close committed money, and much more.

Raising Venture Capital

In this article, successful VC Mark Suster lays out a list of articles that contain advice about seasonality in fundraising, what to do before a VC meeting, what to do during meetings with VCs, what to put in your pitch deck, what happens after meeting with VCs, and more.