Startup Fundraising

A curated directory of resources, articles, podcasts, books, VC's, and angel investors to follow that will help you raise funding for your startup or business.

Blog Posts about How to Become an Angel Investor or Venture Capitalist

How To Raise A $150 Million VC Fund

In this article Brad Feld talks about how Jason Cohen has raised several venture funds to use when investing follow-on money in Techstars companies, and how Jason raised more and more for each fund.

How to Be An Angel Investor

In this article Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham talks about what valuations angel investors should offer startups, how to increase deal flow as an angel investor, and adding value to the startups that you invest in.

What does it take to be a successful angel investor?

In this Quora thread successful angel investors talk about the principles they follow when investing in startups. A few of these principles include being active as an angel, having the ability to tolerate losses, and viewing angel investing like business instead of gambling.