Startup Fundraising

A curated directory of resources, articles, podcasts, books, VC's, and angel investors to follow that will help you raise funding for your startup or business.



Pipedrive is a CRM and pipeline management tool that will help you see your investor pipeline’s strengths and weaknesses, avoid surprises, use easily defined next steps for the sales process, and more. is a CRM tool that let entrepreneurs increase productivity with all of their sales communication in one place. You’ll have an easier time reaching out to investors with


Streak is a CRM tool that makes it easier for entrepreneurs to fundraise by giving them the ability to communicate with investors at scale, organize investor emails, move the process forward, receive simple followup reminders, and automate investor updates.


Foundersuite allows startup founders to raise capital like a pro by giving them an investor CRM, a search tool to find investor leads, a simple investor update tool, and more.


Venture360 allows startups to easily go through the entire capital fundraising life cycle, sign documents, transfer money, and issue shares online, and makes investor reporting simple. More than 9,000 companies use Venture360 to manage their fundraising processes.

Adaptive Insights

Adaptive Insights provides smarter planning, better reporting, and faster analytics for finance teams and startups. This is a great tool for financial modeling, board reporting, and other features startups need to communicate with their investors.