Startup Fundraising

A curated directory of resources, articles, podcasts, books, VC's, and angel investors to follow that will help you raise funding for your startup or business.

Equity Crowdfunding Platforms


Republic allows startups to raise money using Regulation Crowdfunding and it allows unaccredited and accredited investors to invest as little as $10 in private companies.


AngelList is the world’s leading platform for startups that want to raise money from accredited investors. Startups like Uber, Thumbtack, DuckDuckGo, DraftKings, Wanelo, StyleSeat, and more have raised funding through AngelList.


Wefunder allows anyone (both accredited and unaccredited investors) to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses that are improving their communities and the world. As the first Regulation Crowdfunding platform, Wefunder helped companies like Legion M and Beta Bionics each raise $1,000,o00 from accredited and unaccredited investors.


CircleUp allows accredited investors to invest in innovative consumer product companies. 199 successful consumer product startups have raised more than $265,000,000 through CircleUp.


Fundable is an equity crowdfunding platform that lets accredited investors invest in vetted, high-quality startups. More than $276,000,000 in capital has been committed to startups on Fundable and startups backed by Mark Cuban, Chris Sacca, Barbara Corcoran, and more have raised money on the site.


Crowdfunder is a crowdsourced venture capital firm that gets accredited investors into startup funding deals at the same terms as leading VCs. More than $160,000,000 has been committed across 100+ startups on the platform.


SeedInvest is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise funding through Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation A offerings, and Regulation D offerings that are only available to accredited investors.


PeerRealty is a marketplace that allows accredited investors to fund high-quality real estate crowdfunding deals from extremely reputable developers.


EarlyShares is a real estate investment crowdfunding platforms that gives accredited investors the opportunity to invest in vetted, return-driven commercial real estate projects.


FundersClub allows accredited investors to diversify their portfolios by investing in highly vetted startups from Silicon Valley and other regions. More than 18,000 accredited investors have invested more than $63,000,000 in 207 companies.


MicroVentures is the first Venture Capital Investment Bank. MicroVentures gives accredited investors the opportunity to invest in extremely high-quality startups with a minimum investment amount of just $3,000. Investors who use MicroVentures have had the opportunity to invest in companies like Bonobos, 500 Startups, Biomeme, BioBots, Birchbox, Instacart, and more.


StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform that allows startups to raise money from non accredited investors or accredited investors. Lots of startups and small businesses have used StartEngine to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for each of their companies.


FlashFunders allows startups to raise money via Regulation Crowdfunding or a Regulation D offering. This means startups can raise money from investors who want to invest as little as $50 or from accredited investors.


NextSeed is a Regulation Crowdfunding website that lets anyone invest as little as $100 in small businesses. Hostels, restaurants, and bars have all gotten the funding they need to grow from NextSeed.


Gust connects startups with the largest group of investors from all over the world. Startups have raised more than $1,800,000,000 through Gust from accredited investors.


FundedByMe allows startups in countries from the EU and Asia to raise €25,000 to €2,000,000 through equity crowdfunding or €4,000 to €150,000 through crowdfunded loan financing.


Seedrs provides equity crowdfunding to EU startups that want to raise money from high net worth investors. Startups on Seedrs can raise as little as €10,000 or more than €500,000 and lots of startups have raised hundreds of thousands of Euros using the platform.