Startup Fundraising

A curated directory of resources, articles, podcasts, books, VC's, and angel investors to follow that will help you raise funding for your startup or business.

Presentation Software


Take your presentation to the next level to persuade clients, woo customers, and train internally by delivering your presentation with the Swoosh your hand. No more added complexities, configurations, or expensive hardware. Simply use intuitive gestures to control your presentation, keeping your hands free.


Attach lets you know what happens to your presentations, proposals, pitch decks, marketing material, and more after you hit send. It provides analytics software for business documents so you know who reads them, where they spend time in them, and who they share them with.


Beamium is the easiest possible way to present a PDF, JPG, or PNG live with an audience. 1 click share and you are ready to go.


Prezi helps entrepreneurs and presenters create more visual, engaging presentations with easy-to-use software.


SlideDog lets you create seamless playlists from your favorite presentation media. You can combine PowerPoints, Prezis, PDFs, and many more elements into one easy-to-create playlist with SlideDog.


Author lets you instantly create and publish documents and presentations to the web. This product is especially great for creating text-heavy presentations.